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We have dedicated courses for kids and teenagers in different groups. Kids will get involved with lots of activities to boos their learning and engagements.

There are different groups for adults where  can join and learn Persian language and culture together with others in a very fun and engaging way.

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Want to learn Persian? At Beyond Persian, we offer courses perfectly designed to immerse you in the rich culture and language of Persia. Learn Persian with our interactive and engaging methods designed to effectively enhance your language skills. From learning the alphabet to engaging in conversations, we make learning the Persian language fun and accessible for everyone. Our programs are suited for learners at any level—beginner or advanced. Enhance your understanding with cultural insights and real-life applications that bring the Persian language to life. Whether you’re interested in casual learning or academic proficiency, we have the resources to support your goals. Dive deeper into Persian history, poetry, and art through our specialized modules. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to learn Persian and see the world through a new lens! Explore our courses today and step into the fascinating world of Persia.

Unlock the rich culture and language of Persia

Best way to learn Persian

Discover the unique educational experiences we offer at Beyond Persian, tailored to the distinct learning styles of every adult and kid. Our Farsi language learning courses, also known as Persian language courses, are meticulously crafted to accommodate various learning preferences, whether you favor private lessons or group settings. It’s important to note that learning Farsi is just another name for the Persian language, often used interchangeably to describe the same rich linguistic tradition. Utilizing innovative approaches like the “Persian in Use” book and various online resources, we ensure that learning Farsi language is both effective and enjoyable. Dive into the nuances of Farsi language learning, and explore how our courses offer the best way to learn Persian. Combining cultural insights with practical language skills. Discover our flexible learning Farsi plans and start your adventure in fluently speaking and writing Persian today.

How do you teach Farsi to kids? At Beyond Persian, we make learn Farsi fun and interactive for our youngest learners. Our children’s courses start with learning the Persian alphabet through games and pictures. If your child already has a basic understanding, they can join our conversation classes, where they learn new words and phrases in a playful manner. We focus on how to learn Farsi effectively by engaging children with interactive storytelling and creative activities that spark their interest and love for the language. These immersive methods help ensure that learning is both enjoyable and educational. The courses are designed to enhance both language and cultural knowledge, giving your child a deep understanding of the Persian culture. Ready to let your child discover a new language? Enroll your child in one of our learn Farsi courses today!

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