About the Founder

Niloufar Saber picture

Niloufar Saber is the founder of BeyondPersian. She has been a teacher of foreign languages for more than fifteen years. She started this journey by teaching English as a foreign language and now it is about six years that she is training Persian learners.

Studying TEFL in her first master’s and Linguistics and Language Education as her second master’s at the University of Amsterdam helped her to improve as a teacher and develop creative ideas in teaching and material development.

Niloufar is interested in strengthening her lessons by using extra materials, which she develops according to her students’ needs and wishes. For her, language has never been vocabulary, grammar, or the four primary skills of reading, writing, speaking, or listening. Niloufar believes in something beyond language. Her background as a language and culture researcher at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) helped her to bring culture to all her language lessons. You will be familiar with Persian culture and language pragmatics in her classes! 

Niloufar’s aim in Beyond Persian is to equip interested learners to use the language as effectively as possible, and her mission in doing so is to familiarize learners with language using all sorts of knowledge such as vocabulary, grammar, conversation, culture-based usage of so and many more.