Learn Farsi – Learn Persian

Once a student who was the fan of Beverwijk Bazar told me: “Niloufar, in my last visit to Beverwijk Bazar, after learning the Persian alphabet, I was no more walking among pictures! I was walking, making sense of the words written here and there in this multicultural and multilingual bazar!”
Are you also looking forward to a similar experience and want to learn Farsi? Persian alphabet, with its challenge of thirty-two new letters and writing from right to left, is also like a secret language for you? But you still want to learn Persian?
Then I am here to help you learn Farsi (Learn Persian) by first learning Persian alphabet.
It’s a “ten” sessions journey, we walk together through the beautiful scenes and you and I together unlock the door to new adventures and understandings.

Are you ready to start your journey and learn Farsi? Then send me an email. I am here to accompany you.

In the above picture, you can see the beautiful handwriting of my student, using Persian alphabet!

Come and learn Farsi (Learn Persian) with Niloufar at Beyond Persian language and culture school in Amsterdam. We offer both online and offline lessons.

Looking forward to meeting you!